Today, because insurer cases have been comparatively uncommon in recent years, we’re reviewing our final two sets of Justices’ voting records in a single post.  First, Justice Theis.

Since joining the Court, Justice Theis has participated in ten civil cases involving insurers as named parties, supporting the insurers in six of those cases and voting against the insurers in four.

Only two of those ten cases involved decisions won by the insurer at the Appellate Court.  Justice Theis voted to affirm once in those two cases and to reverse once.

The remaining eight cases all involved Appellate Court losses by insurers.  To date, Justice Theis has voted to reverse in five on those cases and to affirm three times.

Since joining the Court in 2018, Justice Neville has participated in two insurer cases, voting for the insurer’s position once and against once.  One of those cases had been won by the insurer below, and Justice Neville voted to reverse the insurer’s win.  The other case was lost by the insurer at the Appellate Court, and Justice Neville voted to reverse the insurer’s loss.

Join us back here tomorrow as we begin a new area in our subject matter review of the Justices’ voting records – tort law.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Skeeze (no changes).