Between 2005 and 2019, the Supreme Court has decided 32 insurance cases.  Twelve of those cases involved coverage issues.  Eight involved defenses to coverage.  Six cases involved exclusions to coverage.  There were three cases involving regulatory issues, two “other” and none involving excess coverage.
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Today, because insurer cases have been comparatively uncommon in recent years, we’re reviewing our final two sets of Justices’ voting records in a single post.  First, Justice Theis.

Since joining the Court, Justice Theis has participated in ten civil cases involving insurers as named parties, supporting the insurers in six of those cases and voting

Today, we begin a seven-post series, reviewing how each Justice has voted in insurer cases overall. First up is the Court’s senior Justice, Justice Rita Garman.

In our first table, we report Justice Garman’s votes for and against insurer parties in civil insurance law cases. Since 2001, Justice Garman has voted for insurers in twenty-three