Justice Mary Jane Theis

Yesterday, we showed that Justice Garman has voted with the minority in 6.84% of her civil cases since joining the Court, slightly below Chief Justice Burke’s percentage.  Justice Theis’ percentage is almost identical: she has voted with the minority in 6.83% of her civil cases since joining the Court in 2010.  There are no strong

Today, we’re taking a look at Justice Theis’ voting record since joining the Court in late October 2010.

In her just over ten years on the Court, Justice Theis has voted in 322 civil cases.  Like Justice Garman, the distribution of those cases reflects the diminishing of the Court’s docket.  She cast 177 votes in

This time, we’re reviewing the data for Justice Theis’ question patterns in criminal cases.

When Justice Theis agrees with the majority in an affirmance, she follows the expected pattern, averaging 3.22 questions to appellants and only 1.38 to appellees.  However, she breaks from the pattern in reversals, more heavily questioning the winner – 3.02 to

This week, we’re reviewing Justice Theis’ history in oral arguments in civil cases.  Having established that the party which gets more questions at argument overall is likely to lose, we’re trying to determine (1) whether each individual Justice follows that same pattern when she or he agrees with the majority; and (2) when he or

Justice Theis has participated in 20 domestic relations cases since joining the Court.  She has voted for defendants in nine of those cases and for plaintiffs 11 times.  Between 2011 and 2015, she supported defendants in seven of fifteen cases.  From 2016 to 2019, she voted for defendants in two of five cases.

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