This time, we’re reviewing the areas of the criminal law where Justice Theis has written majority and dissenting opinions.

Justice Theis has written 54 majority opinions in criminal cases.  Thirteen involved constitutional law, and an even dozen involved criminal procedure.  Seven were in juvenile justice cases.  Five involved violent crimes.  Five were in habeas cases.  Four involved sentencing law.  Three majority opinions were in sex offense cases.  Two involved property crimes.  She has written one majority opinion each in cases involving mental health issues, drug offenses and driving offenses.

Justice Theis has written only eight dissents in criminal cases.  Three involved constitutional law.  Two were in juvenile justice cases.  She has written one each in cases involving property crimes, criminal procedure and sex offenses.

Join us back here towards the end of the week when we begin a six-part review of a new Justice’s tenure.

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