Chief Justice Anne Burke

Chief Justice Burke has written seventy majority opinions in criminal cases.  Her most frequent topic is criminal procedure, with seventeen majorities.  She has written sixteen opinions on constitutional law and ten involving sentencing issues.  She’s written eight majorities involving violent crime issues, seven in habeas corpus cases and six in juvenile justice cases.  She’s written

In these concluding posts, we’re reviewing the majority and dissenting opinions written by the Chief Justice.

Just over half of the Chief Justice’s majority opinions in civil cases have related to one of three areas of law: tort (17 opinions), civil procedure (16 opinions) and government and administrative law (13 opinions).  She has written eleven

Today, we’re in the fourth part of our six-part review of the tenure of Chief Justice Anne Burke.  Today’s question – how often is the Chief Justice part of the majority?

Across her entire tenure, the Chief Justice has been in the majority in 93.39% of all civil cases she has participated in.  She has

Today, we’re reviewing Chief Justice Anne Burke’s voting record.  In civil cases, she has voted to affirm outright 205 times.  She has cast split votes – affirm in part, reverse in part – 73 times.  She has voted to reverse 225 times.  Chief Justice Burke’s heaviest year with affirm votes was 2020 – 35 votes. 

This time, we’re reviewing Chief Justice Anne Burke’s opinions since joining the Court in 2006.  One note before we begin – I’ve cut off the tabulations for 2021 at the same date for each of the Justices’ profiles.

In all, the Chief Justice has written 81 majority opinions in civil cases.  She has written six

This week, our review of the Justices’ individual records continues with a six-part post on the tenure of Chief Justice Anne Burke.

Chief Justice Burke has participated in 484 civil cases since joining the Court in 2006.  Her busiest year was 2015, when she sat on 44 civil cases, and – leaving aside her partial