This week, our review of the Justices’ individual records continues with a six-part post on the tenure of Chief Justice Anne Burke.

Chief Justice Burke has participated in 484 civil cases since joining the Court in 2006.  Her busiest year was 2015, when she sat on 44 civil cases, and – leaving aside her partial year in 2006 – her lightest year was 2018, with 22 civil cases.  Leaving aside the year 2006, she has averaged 32 civil cases a year.

Chief Justice Burke has participated in 527 criminal cases.  Leaving aside her first part-year on the Court, her lightest year on the Court (and this year), her lightest year was 2019, with 20 criminal cases.  Her heaviest year was 2010, when she participated in 54 criminal cases.

Join us back here next time as our review of the Chief Justice’s tenure continues.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Gary Todd (no changes).