Finally, we come to the Fifth District, the largest District in terms of the total number of counties covered (18) and the next-to-smallest District by population, only a few thousand residents ahead of the Fourth District.  St. Clair and Madison counties dominate the Fifth.  Although they have over a half million residents between them, the 2000 population of the two counties only varied by a couple thousand people.  So Madison County accounts to 23.7% of the Fifth District population, and St. Clair is 23.44%.  Only one other County – Macon – is in double figures, with 10.5%.  The remaining counties are scattered from a high of 5.61% for Williamson County and downwards.

Surprisingly, neither St. Clair nor Madison county had civil cases in each year of the decade.  All told, St. Clair accounted for 22 civil cases during the nineties and Madison County had 15.  Jackson and Williamson counties accounted for six cases each.  Effingham County produced five cases; Frankin and Christian counties produced four each.  Marion County had three cases.  Three more counties accounted for two cases apiece and eight counties produced only one case apiece.

Next time we’ll turn our attention to the data for the next decade, 2000 through 2009.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Christina Rutz (no changes).