The Fourth District population is much more evenly distributed than the Third District is.  Champaign County is 20.25%.  Sangamon, home of the state capitol, is 19.89%.  McLean County accounts for 17.99% and Macon County is 11.16%.  Vermillion County accounts for 8.22%, Adams is 6.76% and Coles County is 5.43%.  The remaining counties are substantially smaller.

Sangamon County had by far the most cases in the District for this decade, accounting for 18 cases.  Champaign and McLean counties had eight cases each.  Macon  County produced four cases.  Vermillion and Adams County had three cases, Edgar County had two and eight remaining counties produced one case apiece.

Next up: the Fifth District.

Image courtesy of Flickr by GPA Photo Archive (no changes).