For our second decade, we once again begin by reviewing the population distribution among the counties that produced cases between 2000 and 2009.

St. Clair and Madison counties were separated by only about 800 people in the 2010 census – St. Clair was 25.58% of the population in the District and Madison was 25.51%.  Williamson County was next at 6.29%, followed by Jackson County at 5.7%.  Six additional counties were barely over 3% – Franklin (3.75%), Marion (3.74%), Jefferson (3.68%), Christian (3.3%), Randolph (3.17%) and Monroe counties (3.12%).  Eight more counties were less than 3% of the District population (which translates to about 30,000 people and below).

Both Madison and St. Clair produced cases in nine of the ten years.  St. Clair County accounted for 19 cases; Madison had 11.  Williamson County had four cases.  There were three cases apiece in Jefferson and Franklin counties.  The Court reviewed one case each from twenty different counties scattered around the District.

Next up – we review the years 2010 through 2019.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Romain Pontida (no changes).