Today, we’re reviewing the contents of our database, which includes every case decided by the Illinois Supreme Court since January 17, 1990.  For every case, we’ve captured the following data points:

Official Reporter Citation

  1. E. Reporter Citation

Docket Number

Case Name


Petitioner Governmental Entity (Y/N)

Respondent Governmental Entity (Y/N)

Source of Appellate Jurisdiction

Originating Jurisdiction

Trial Court

Trial Judge

Source of Case (Appellate Court)

Lower Court Dissent (Y/N)

Lower Court Published (Y/N)

Lower Court Disposition

Lower Court Disposition Direction

Petition Granted

Oral Argument


Grant to Oral Argument

Argument to Decision


Issue Area

Disposition Direction

Dissent Direction


Winning Party

Majority Opinion Writer

Special Concurrence(s) Writer(s)

Dissent(s) Writer(s)

Majority Votes

Minority Votes

Length of Majority Opinion

Length of Concurrence(s)

Length of Dissent(s)

Amici Supporting Petitioner

Amici Supporting Respondent

Amici Supporting Neither

Since 2007:

Total Questions to Petitioner

Total Questions to Respondent

For Each of Seven Justices:


Questions to Petitioner

Questions to Respondent

Questions in Rebuttal

Join Concurrence (Y/N)

Join Dissent (Y/N)

Direction of Vote

Recusal (Y/N)

Arguing Counsel for Prevailing Party

Arguing Counsel for Losing Party

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