Justice Thomas Fitzgerald

Last week, we continued our analysis of the Court’s oral arguments between 2008 and 2016 with a look at former Chief Justice Fitzgerald’s patterns in civil cases during the two years before he retired, 2008-2010.  This week, we turn our attention to Chief Justice Fitzgerald’s patterns in criminal cases.

In all, Chief Justice Fitzgerald voted

Our review of the Court’s oral arguments between 2008 and 2016 continues this week with Chief Justice Thomas Fitzgerald.  Since Chief Justice Fitzgerald retired in 2010, our data is more limited than it is for other Justices.  Because we’re tracking correlations between questions and voting, we disregard the cases in 2010 for which the Chief


Today, we conclude our Justice-by-Justice review of the question patterns of the Justices of the Illinois Supreme Court.  We’ve been looking for evidence that it’s possible to predict the Justices’ likely votes and whether the Justice is writing an opinion based on close observation of oral argument.  In our final post of this phase of

2529190203_b9caa65629_zYesterday, we concluded our analysis of Justice Mary Jane Theis’ questioning patterns from oral arguments during her five years on the Court, looking for indications about her likely voting and whether or not she might be writing an opinion. Today, we turn to Justice Theis’ predecessor, former Chief Justice Thomas R. Fitzgerald.

Our analysis of