Yesterday, we reviewed Justice Garman’s civil majority and dissenting opinions.  Today, we’re looking at Justice Garman’s criminal opinions.

Justice Garman has written 38 majority opinions in constitutional law cases.  She has written 14 majorities in sentencing cases, 13 in habeas corpus cases, eight in cases involving juvenile justice issues, six in cases regarding sex offenses,

This week, we’re finishing our six-part review of Justice Garman’s tenure by taking a closer look at her authored opinions.

Through the end of last week, Justice Garman has written 107 majority opinions and 28 dissents.

Justice Garman has written 24 majority opinions in tort cases.  She has written 18 majorities in civil procedure cases

This time, we’re reviewing the data on how frequently Justice Garman has voted with the majority during her tenure.  If you’re comparing this data to earlier posts, note one difference – here, we are looking at the entire civil and criminal caseloads, including unanimous decisions, rather than asking the percentage of divided decisions in which

In our last two posts, we reviewed Justice Rita Garman’s caseload since taking her seat in 2001 and her history with writing opinions.  This time, we’re looking at Justice Garman’s voting record.

Through the end of last week, Justice Garman has voted to affirm civil decisions 335 times.  She has cast 107 split votes (affirm

In this post, we’re reviewing the Justice Garman’s history writing opinions.

From taking her seat in 2001 through the end of last week, Justice Garman had written 107 majority opinions in civil cases.  She has written only 9 special concurrences and has written 28 dissents (we’ll be addressing how often Justice Garman is in the

This week, we’re launching a series of six-part posts reviewing the tenure of each of the current Justices of the Supreme Court.  We’ll be posting in order of length of service (although the Chief Justice is technically the senior Justice, we’ll be proceeding by the date of each Justice’s appointment).  We begin with Justice Rita

Last time, we looked at how often Chief Justice Anne Burke voted with the minority in civil cases – a proxy for how closely in sync with the philosophy of the other Justices she has been throughout her career.  Today, we’re addressing the same number for Justice Garman.

The Chief Justice has been in the

This week, we’re taking the first steps in a more detailed analysis, one Justice at a time, of the Justices’ voting records.  First up is Justice Garman’s record in civil cases.

From joining the Court in 2001 until the end of 2020, Justice Garman has voted in 760 civil cases.  The distribution of votes reflects

Last time, we reviewed Justice Garman’s record in oral arguments in civil cases, both when she agreed with the majority and when she didn’t.  Today, we’re reviewing the criminal docket.

Once again we begin with cases in which the Court affirms.  When Justice Garman agrees, she more heavily questions the losing appellant, 2.44 to 0.79.