Justice Charles Freeman

9423385629_171671f9c2_zToday we continue our Justice-by-Justice review of the questioning patterns for criminal, quasi-criminal and disciplinary cases decided during 2015, checking our conclusions against our work in the summer and fall with civil cases decided since 2008. Today, we review the data for Justice Freeman, Chief Justice Garman and Justice Thomas, working our way from left

391442105_fa7b50e0db_zToday we continue our Justice-by-Justice analysis of the question patterns during oral argument on the Illinois Supreme Court, looking further at the data on Justice Charles E. Freeman. Yesterday, we discovered that in contrast to Justices Burke and Kilbride, Justice Freeman doesn’t tend to question counsel more heavily in cases where he winds up writing


Last week, we continued our detailed look at the questioning patterns of the Justices of the Illinois Supreme Court with Justice Thomas L. Kilbride.  Today, we turn to the question patterns of Justice Charles E. Freeman.

Justice Freeman’s question patterns differ from Justices Burke and Kilbride in several ways.  In cases where Justice Freeman votes