This week, we’re wrapping up our review of the records of all seven Justices of the Supreme Court.  Today, we’re looking at the opinions of Justices Robert Carter and David Overstreet in civil cases.  Tomorrow, we’ll turn our attention to the criminal cases.

Justice Carter has written a total of five majority opinions in civil cases.  Two involved civil procedure, one constitutional law, one tax law and one was a workers compensation case.

Justice Carter has written three dissents in civil cases – two in civil procedure cases and one in a tort case.

Justice Overstreet has written eight majority opinions in civil cases.  Two were in civil procedure cases, two in government and administrative law, and one each were in tax law, employment, election law and workers compensation.

Justice Overstreet has written only one dissent so far in a civil case – a matter last year involving tort law.

Join us back here tomorrow when we’ll conclude our series.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Giuseppe Milo (no changes).