In the next two posts, we’re reviewing the civil voting records for Justices Carter and Overstreet and their alignment with the majorities in their cases.

In 2020, Justice Carter cast one vote to affirm in a civil case.  In 2021, he voted to affirm 18 times, cast two split votes (to affirm in part and to reverse in part) and thirteen times to reverse.  In 2022 to date, he has cast three votes to affirm and one to reverse.

Justice Carter has voted with the majority in all of his civil cases in 2020 and 2022.  He was with the majority in 88.24% of civil cases in 2021.  Overall, he has voted with the majority in 90% of his civil cases.

Justice Overstreet has cast twenty votes to affirm, three split votes and a dozen votes to reverse.  He cast seventeen votes to affirm in 2021 and three so far this year.  All three split votes were cast in 2021.  He voted to reverse in eleven civil cases in 2021 and cast one vote to reverse in 2022.

Justice Overstreet has voted with the majority in 97.3% of his civil cases –  96.88% in 2021 and 100% in 2022.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Matt Turner (no changes).