Between 2010 and 2020, the Court decided 28 civil procedure cases from the First District: five from Division One, six from Division Two, four from Division Three, three from Division Four and five each from Divisions Five and Six.  The Court decided 13 civil procedure cases from the Second District.  Three cases originated in the Third District.  Eight cases were taken from the Fourth District and nine from the Fifth.

Two courts had all of their civil procedure cases reversed during the period – Division Three of the First District and the Third District.  The reversal rate for Division Two of the First District was 83.33%.  Three courts were clustered – the Second District, 69.23%; the Fifth, 66.67% and Division Six of the First, 60%.  Divisions One and Five of the First District each had a reversal rate of 40%.  Division Four had a reversal rate of 33.33%.  The Fourth District fared best of all, with only 12.5% of its civil procedure cases reversed.

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