Between 2000 and 2009, the Court decided 21 civil procedure cases from the First District – two from Division One, five from Division Two, four each from Divisions Three, Four and Five and two from Division Six.  The Court decided seven cases from the Second District.  Only four cases came from the Third District.  The Court decided seven cases from the Fourth District and 13 from the Fifth District.

In the First District, Divisions One and Three each had a reversal rate of 100%.  The reversal rate in Division Four was 75%.  The rate for Divisions Five and Six was 50%, and the reversal rate in Division Two was 40%.  The reversal rate for the Second District was 57.14%.  The Fourth District was at 42.86%.  The reversal rate for the Fifth was 61.54%.  For the decade, the Third District led with a reversal rate of 75%.

Join us back here next tomorrow as we review the data for the years 2010 through 2020.

Image courtesy of Flickr by GPA Photo Archive (no changes).