This time, we’re reviewing the Districts which produced the Supreme Court’s tort caseload, and the Court’s reversal rate, District by District.

The Supreme Court decided 67 tort cases from the First District between 1990 and 1999.  The Court decided 26 cases from the Second District, 9 from the Third, 21 from the Fourth District and 26 from the Fifth District.

The Divisions of the First District varied widely in their reversal rate for the 90s.  Division 1 had an 87.5% reversal rate.  Division Two had only 53.85%.  From Division Three, 70.59% were reversed.  The reversal rate from Division Four was 72.73%.  The rate from Division Five was 71.43%.  The reversal rate from Division Six was 54.55%.  The reversal rate in the Second District was only 46.15%.  Two-thirds of the cases from the Third District were reversed.  The reversal rate from the Fourth District was 52.38%.  The Fifth District’s reversal rate was 76.92%.

Join us back here next week we continue our examination of the Court’s tort docket.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Adam Moss (no changes).