This time, we’re reviewing the data on amicus briefs in criminal cases between 2010 and 2020.

Seven constitutional law cases drew at least one amicus brief.  Four habeas corpus cases drew at least one amicus brief.  Three juvenile justice cases drew one or more amici.  Two criminal procedure cases did.  One case each involving sentencing law and mental health issues drew at least one amicus brief.

Ten amicus briefs were filed in habeas corpus cases – only 1 supporting appellants, 9 supporting appellees.  Nine briefs were filed in constitutional law cases – six supporting appellants, only three for appellees.  Four briefs were filed in criminal procedure cases, all supporting appellants.  Three briefs were filed in juvenile justice cases – once again, all supporting appellants.  One brief each was filed in a sentencing law case and a mental health case – one for appellant in sentencing law and one for appellees in a mental health case.

Join us back here next week as we continue our review of the amicus curiae data.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Adam Moss (no changes).