Yesterday, we reviewed the data on Justice Kilbride’s oral arguments in civil cases.  Today, we’re looking at the criminal cases.

As you can see from the Table below, Justice Kilbride asks very few questions in criminal oral arguments.  When he’s in the majority of an affirmance, he averages 0.48 questions to appellants, 0.3 to appellees.  When he’s in the majority of a reversal, he averages 0.69 questions to appellees and 0.57 to appellants.  When he’s in the majority of a split decision, he averages 0.4 questions to appellees and 0.17 to appellants.

When Justice Kilbride dissents from a criminal affirmance, he averages 1.46 questions to appellees and 0.85 to appellants.  When he dissents from a reversal, he averages 0.71 to appellants and 0.14 to appellees.

Join us back here next week as we continue our review of the individual Justices’ records.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Michel Curi (no changes).