Between 2010 and 2019, the Court decided 90 criminal procedure cases.  The Court decided for the defendant 25 times and for the prosecution in 65 cases.  Between 2000 and 2004, defendants won 13 of 52 cases.  From 2005 to 2009, defendants won only 12 of 38 cases.

The Court decided 49 cases won by the defendants below.  The Court affirmed in 11 cases and reversed 38 times.  Between 2010 and 2014, the Court affirmed only five times and reversed in 25 cases.  Between 2015 and 2019, the Court affirmed six times in nineteen cases.

The Court decided 41 criminal procedure cases lost by the defendants below, winning reversal 14 times and losing 27 times.  Between 2010 and 2014, the defendants won eight cases and lost 14.  Between 2015 and 2019, six defense losses were reversed and 13 were affirmed.

Join us back here next week as we continue our review of the Court’s voting record in criminal  procedure cases.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Kelly Colgan Azar (no changes).