Today, we’re continuing our look at the agreement rates for every possible combination of Justices in criminal cases by reviewing the data for the years 1996 to 2001.

Justice Freeman’s highest agreement rate during these years was with Justice Fitzgerald, 86.96%.  Justice Rathje was next at 74.07%.  Three Justices were in the sixties – Bilandic (69.08%), Thomas (65.22%) and Nickels (63.49%).  Two more were in the fifties – Justices Kilbride (56.52%) and Heiple (56.49%).  Finally, Justices Freeman and Harrison had a criminal agreement rate of only 44.32%.

Justice Garman had an agreement rate of 93.75% with Justice Fitzgerald, and of 81.25% with Justice Freeman.  Her agreement rate with Justice Harrison was only 18.75%.

Justices Garman and Thomas had an agreement rate of 87.5% for these years.  Justices Garman and Kilbride were at 43.75%.  Justice Harrison had an agreement rate of 65.22% with Justice Kilbride.  His rate with Justice Heiple was 43.06%.  Justices Harrison and Bilandic were at 42.76%, and Harrison and Fitzgerald agreed in only 39.13% of divided cases.  Justice Heiple had an agreement rate of 71.6% with Justice Rathje, 68.21% with Justice Bilandic, and 63.49% with Justice Nickels.  Justice Kilbride had an agreement rate of 56.52% with Justice Fitzgerald, and 30.44% with Justice Thomas.

In the next Table, we report the data for Justice McMorrow.  Her closest match among colleagues during this period was Justice Fitzgerald, with an agreement rate of 86.96%.  Justices McMorrow and Garman had a rate of 81.25%.  Justices McMorrow and Freeman were at 78.41%.  Justice McMorrow had an agreement rate in the sixties with four of her colleagues – Justices Nickels (67.74%), Bilandic (64.71%), Rathje (63.41%), Miller (61.84%) and Thomas (60.87%).  Justices McMorrow and Heiple were at 56.58%.  Justice McMorrow’s agreement rate with two colleagues was in the forties – Justices Kilbride (48.73%) and Harrison (44.25%).

Justice McMorrow had an agreement rate of 76.16% with Justice Bilandic, and 68.63% with Justice Freeman.  Justices Miller and Rathje had an agreement rate of 76.54%.  Justices Miller and Heiple were at 69.28%.  Justices Miller and Nickels were at 44.44%.  Justices Miller and Harrison were at 38.16%.  Justice Nickels and Justice Harrison had an agreement rate of 70.49%.  His agreement rate with Justice Bilandic was 61.29%.  Justice Rathje’s agreement rate with Justice Bilandic was 79.75%.  With Justice Harrison, it was 30.34%.  Justice Thomas agreed with Justice Fitzgerald in 78.26% of divided criminal cases during these years, but with Justice Harrison in only 17.39%.

Join us back here next time as we turn our attention to the years 2002 through 2007.

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