Yesterday, we began our review of lag times at the Illinois Supreme Court with a review of the Court’s civil cases from 2010 to 2016.  Today, we turn our attention to the Court’s criminal cases.

We have grant-to-oral argument date for 243 criminal cases, and oral argument-to-decision data for 270 cases.  The mean time in days from grant to oral argument is 274.7869 days – slightly less than three months longer than the average lag time on civil cases.  The average time from argument to decision in criminal cases is 130.4465 days – seven days less that the average for civil cases.  The variability for grant-to-decision is much more than on the civil side: the standard deviation is 91.311.  So about two thirds of the cases in our database fall between 365 and 185 days.  The standard deviation for argument to decision is 81.4502, so two-thirds of the cases fall between 49 and 211 days.

Table 444

Join us back here next Tuesday as we continue our study of the Court’s lag time.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Jonathan Kriz (no changes).