Today, we complete our review of the average votes to affirm, District by District of the Appellate Court, in the Illinois Supreme Court’s civil docket.  Our final question – which Districts have had the largest fraction of their civil decisions unanimously reversed over the past six years (a votes-to-affirm of zero)?

As we noted yesterday, the one case heard by the Court from the Workers Compensation Commission Division of the Third District was unanimously reversed.  Two-thirds of the civil cases reviewed by the Court from the Fifth District were unanimously reversed.  Division Six of the First District had 57.14% of its civil cases unanimously reversed, and Division Two had 56.25% reversed.  Division Three had 47.37% of its civil cases unanimously reversed.  The Second District was next at 44.44%, followed by the Third District at 43.75%.  Division Five of the First District had 41.67% of its civil cases unanimously reversed.  Division One had 36.36% unanimous reversals.  Direct appeals from the Circuit Court performed well, with only 30% unanimous reversals.  Not surprisingly, the Fourth District, which had high average votes to affirm among both non-unanimous and unanimous decisions, saw only 24.14% of its civil cases reversed.  Division Four of the First District fared quite well too, with only 22.22% of its civil decisions being unanimously reversed.

Table 331

Join us back here next Tuesday as we’ll turn to the Court’s criminal docket over the past six years.

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