13567059383_dc71a5f599_zToday we conclude our analysis of voting patterns over the past fifteen years’ worth of civil cases on the Illinois Supreme Court by considering the entire fifteen year period – which Justices voted with the majority most often when the Court was split? The data below encompasses the entire tenure on the Court for every currently serving Justice other than Justice Freeman. For Justice Freeman and all retired Justices, the data encompasses all civil cases from January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2014. During that period, former Chief Justice Fitzgerald was most often in the majority in non-unanimous civil cases, followed by Justices Thomas, Miller, Theis, Heiple, McMorrow and Chief Justice Garman:

Table 38.1

Join us here next Tuesday morning as we begin the next phase of our data analytic analysis of the decision making of the Illinois Supreme Court.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Tim Evanson (no changes).