5985770093_b422f8930a_zYesterday, we began looking at the Justices’ writing of majority opinions during the initial five years of our study period, 2000-2004. Today, we turn to special concurrences.

Special concurrences are a rare phenomenon at the Court. Interestingly, Justice Charles Freeman wrote nearly three times as many concurrences in civil cases as any other Justice on the Court:

Table 23_A

The Justices’ concurrences tend to be quite short, with all aside from Chief Justice McMorrow and Justice Freeman averaging no more than one or two pages apiece:

Table 23_B

Next week, we turn to the Court’s dissents in the first five years of our study period, and then we turn to our attention to the Justices’ writing between 2005 and 2009.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Jim Bowen (no changes).