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How Has Justice Garman Voted in Insurance Law Cases?

Today, we begin a seven-post series, reviewing how each Justice has voted in insurer cases overall. First up is the Court’s senior Justice, Justice Rita Garman. In our first table, we report Justice Garman’s votes for and against insurer parties in civil insurance law cases. Since 2001, Justice Garman has voted for insurers in twenty-three … Continue Reading

How Did Insurers Fare at the Supreme Court Between 2000 and 2009?

We continue our review of the how insurers have fared at the Supreme Court, this time reviewing the years 2000 to 2009. For the decade, insurers did reasonably well, winning nineteen cases while losing fourteen. Between 2005 and 2008, insurers won eleven cases while losing only five. As we saw last time, defending wins from … Continue Reading

How Did Insurers Fare at the Supreme Court in the 1990s?

Today we’re beginning a multi-part post, emphasizing how the insurance industry has fared over the past thirty years at the Illinois Supreme Court. Later this week, we’ll begin a similar series over at the California Supreme Court Review. First, we report the most basic number of all – insurer parties’ won-lost record at the Supreme … Continue Reading

Reviewing the Justices’ Voting Records in Insurance Law Cases, 1990-2018

Yesterday, we looked at the data for the number and type of insurance law cases the Court has decided, year-by-year, since 1990, as well as the insurers’ winning percentage in those cases.  Today, we’re reviewing the individual Justices’ voting records in insurance law cases. In Table 1065, we show yearly votes for insurer parties for … Continue Reading