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What Areas of Law Does the Government Appeal in Civil Cases (Part 4)?

Yesterday, we continued tracking the areas of law, year by year, in which governmental entities appealed in civil cases. Today, we’re completing our review with the years 2011 through 2016. Once again, the leading areas for governmental entities appeals were government and administrative law with 21 and constitutional law with 10. The court decided five … Continue Reading

What Areas of Law Does the Government Appeal in Civil Cases (Part 3)?

Last week, we began reviewing the subject matter areas in which governmental entities appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court between 1990 and 2003.  This week, we’ll turn our attention to the years 2004 through 2016. For the years 2004 through 2010, governmental and administrative law was the most common source of appeals by government entities … Continue Reading

What Areas of Law Does the State Appeal in Civil Cases (Part 1)?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at how often the State is the appellant in civil and criminal cases at the Supreme Court, and at the distribution of the Court’s cases among the Districts and Divisions of the Appellate Court.  This week, we turn our attention to a new topic: what areas of law … Continue Reading

What Is the State’s Winning Percentage in Criminal Appeals When It’s the Appellant?

Yesterday, we reviewed the data about how the Court’s criminal docket has been divided between cases in which the State was the appellant and defense appeals.  Today, we look at the State’s year-by-year winning percentage in each role. For the years 1990 through 1995, the State’s winning percentage in criminal appeals varied up and down … Continue Reading

How Often is the State the Appellant in Criminal Cases?

Last week, we reviewed the data on how often public entities were parties in civil cases at the Court.  Of course, criminal cases are a different matter; the State is a party to every appeal.  So this week, we address a slightly different question: how many of the Court’s criminal appeals involve appeals by the … Continue Reading

How Often Do Governmental Entities Win in Civil Cases?

Yesterday, we looked at how often governmental entities have appeared as parties in civil cases at the Illinois Supreme Court.  Today, we address the governmental entities’ winning percentage. Governmental entities won sixty percent of the time in 1990 as petitioners.  They won half the time in 1991, 60% in 1992 and 50% in 1993.  In … Continue Reading