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Coming Next Week: My 1,000th Blog Post

Last week, I was looking at our archives, pulling up old research, and I stumbled onto this two-year old post – my 500th on Appellate Strategist. Now that our other two blogs, Illinois Supreme Court Review and California Supreme Court Review, have been publishing for a while, I decided to check the dashboards there too. … Continue Reading

Announcing the California Supreme Court Review

Early last year, we founded the Illinois Supreme Court Review to bring rigorous, law-review style empirical research founded on data analytic techniques to the study of appellate decision making.  Today, we expand our focus with the California Supreme Court Review, a new blog devoted to sharing insights culled from tens of thousands of pages of … Continue Reading

1,493 Opinions, 89,400 Data Points – Our Illinois Supreme Court Data Library Expands

Today, we announce a major expansion of the data library that powers The Illinois Supreme Court Review. For the past year, our analysis of the Illinois Supreme Court’s work has been based upon a data library consisting of the 620 civil cases decided by the Court since January 1, 2000. For the past several months, … Continue Reading

Bringing the Power of Decision Making Analysis to Appellate Law

Academics in various disciplines have been developing sophisticated tools for analyzing the dynamics of group decision making for many years.  The leading figures in this research have been mostly law and politics professors, along with a number of economists, and their methods have included data analytics, game theory, organization theory and behavioral economics, to name … Continue Reading